Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend of nothingness

Well maybe not complete nothingness. This weekend was mostly errands to prepare for our trip to the 'Tah next week. I am at least finding some sanity in the fact that we aren't going to the wilderness and that if I forget something I can go to the local Target and pick it up. We did end up at one of my top 5 fun gift places in the Puget Sound area, Molbaks. I love that it just SCREAMS Christmas this time of year. They have a sea of poinsettias, tons of ornaments and lots of cute little knicky knack things.All the sensory overload created a little boy that looked like this...
Soder looked a little glazed over too because of all the crazy women snatching up all sorts of trinkets from candles, to bird ornaments, to anything holiday related. I love to visit places like this and they both played along wonderfully. Thanks, guys for putting up with my craziness.

For my trip, I have a mental list in my head that will be worked on for the next few days until we leave. I have stressed out more about my poor puppys being boarded in at the 'Pet Hilton'. (it really isn't the pet hilton, but it might as well be considering that we are paying an arm and a leg for them to stay.) I feel so much guilt that i haven 't even been able to talk about it with them. (yes, I am one of those crazies that talks to her pets. And yes, they do know what I am saying.) I know my little Thing One will take it the hardest and that just breaks my heart. She will think that she did something to be left with the crazily happy Thing Two. (I swear Thing one is a reincarnated Catholic because she has so much guilt.)
I had to laugh when Soder tried to help me organize by asking what I was going to be bringing to 'entertain' myself on the plane. Um.... I think the Baby is all I will be paying attention too, but thanks for thinking that maybe I should pick up a People Magazine because I might get bored. Haha, he tries so hard! He gets an A for effort and an A for putting up with me and my mental state. Now, I know why people don't do 'vacations' very often and most times it isn't the mother that is thinking travelling will be a great idea. Sorry for the disjointed blog post.... I might be more mentally organized once I get some packing done. Yeah, that will help the situation, right?

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