Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weekend of Freaks

Last weekend, while I was at home with Thing one and two, and the Baby, Soder went off to explore the anime convention, Aki Con, that was taking place in nearby Bellevue. While I opted out again, (like I did at the comic convention in April) I was more than happy to look at the photos of all the weirdos that dressed up. I am more of a make-funner than a participant of such events. (I am not proud of that, but I am at least honest.) While Comic con was made up more of middle aged virgins dressed up in spandex, this was not the case for the Anime convention. Apparently, this is where all the 20 something girls come to show off their poorly put together costumes. (which my husband did not know about until he got there. Trust me when I say this, there is no jealousy on my part, especially after you see the pictures.) There were a few guys there as well, that just seemed a little out of place. I find it funny that it seems that there was no real cohesion about anything that happened at Aki Con. There were characters from video game, anime, tv and comic books. And while, Soder could name some of the characters, there were quite a few that were humorously, unrecognizable. So let me know if you know or recognize any of these costumes?Of course the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are there.
This is a GUY in drag in the white, with his poor monkey child on the leash.... there are entirely too many things wrong with this picture.
Um, Spidey, I think you are at the wrong convention.
I don't know if she is one of the cleaning ladies or what. Soder couldn't identify her either.
No, the Furry convention was at the other Hilton in Bellevue.
They are, we think, from the video game Kingdom Hearts.
We have no idea how this horse got a bow and arrow, but I think it is dangerous for him to have because he can't have much control of the arrow with a hooved foot.
Naruto and his Gang

A disclaimer: While my husband enjoys Anime, even this event was a bit weird for him. I am glad he can find the humor of the situation and laugh with me. He even encouraged me to blog about it. I do support the fact that he enjoys Anime and respect his hobbies, mostly because it is more entertaining for me if I do.


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Hmm. Hmm. Me thinks this a convention to skip next time.

Sodermoto said...

Yeah, I think he is going to next year... but it is good for a laugh!