Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Time is here

Baby Loves his backpack

Last weekend, I didn't really do much (because I was working) except we did take a walk around our neighborhood with our entire brood. I have started walking the dogs on a more regular basis. I finally feel like I have a little bit better of a schedule going on with Baby and the Things have been so understanding this summer. I call him 'Hannibal' because he wears a muzzle when we walk (and very vaguely you can hear him say 'Chianti' and make a sucking noise like on the movie Silence of the Lambs.)

When I am alone with them, I have to take them one at a time on a walk. (I usually only take them around our apartment complex because it is a nice walk and then I can keep it fair. I don't need any sibling rivalry coming from the Thing department.)
It has been such a beautiful fall here in the Northwest, that I will forgive it for the crappy summer. I love fall. It has to be my favorite season (until of course I see Spring then I forget the beauty of Fall and become infatuated with all the new growth and colors.) But back to Fall, I love all the leaves and especially love to crunch the fallen leaves on the sidewalk and gutters. That is right, I still walk in the filthy disgusting gutters to satisfy my need for that crispy sound that only comes once a year. This picture just makes me smile and want to walk back down there to stomp and kick through one more street before this fall turns into the swampy cold, rainy winter that is just around the corner. It is definitely the little happiness in life. I am glad that one thing that has carried over from my childhood is the leaf crushing thing (well that and my horrible bad habit of chewing my nails, but that is for a different day.) I think I better leave the laptop and head out while the sun is shining......

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Debbie said...

No references to Silence of the Lambs! That is the scariest movie ever.