Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So this is ok right?

I was impressed that he would go cross-eyed for it.

I figured that since he had to dress up like a monkey he should reap some of the benefits, right? I only let him suck and break apart the candy bar from the outside of the package. No chocolate this year, but definitely next for sure. Until then, the fun size candy will only be moving straight to my hips.... maybe I should try sucking on a few of the candy bar packages too. I don't need to open any more.

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Mandy said...

Ha ha...that's funny! Last night I gave Olivia a piece of one of those candy bars. She was going crazy, she loved it so much. I never would've done that with my first kid but things change a lot after you have 4 kids. He is such a cutie!

Debbie said...

Nothing wrong with that at all! You need to instill those good taste genes as early as possible!

Megan said...

Heehee Too adorable!!