Friday, October 8, 2010

Random thoughs, yet again!

Another post full of random, fractured thoughts...

Last week I received these cute little origami Yoda's from my nephew in Utah. I miss those boys so much and this is a perfect example of why. They are so funny and creative and I can just hear him laughing while he created them and drew the faces on the them. :) How is it that for someone who can't even crawl somehow manage to go from two socks to one with the remaining sock half way off. I am still amazed at all the things that baby can't do and what he can do!

Another question for our baby, how the heck have you made all your bibs look like a superhero cape. I am sure people don't care that you have a drool mark on your clothes now, but what happens when you get older and don't know how to wear a bib, then what are you going to do? I love good deals. I love to find things that I need. Recently, I found the best of both of those statements. I found this fun little tray for less than $4. Rock on! Yeah for me!

I love to read cookbooks. It inspires me to be a better chef and housewife. It also inspires me to buy a whole bunch of ingredients from the store that I might only use once, but that is another story. Right now I started to read this one I got from my parents for my birthday. The Pioneer woman is amazing. (I also have to come clean and say on a side note, that I used to believe that she shouldn't use her kids and her husband in her blog so much (Or in her book), but I have since seen the error of my ways and the birth of my baby. I realize that her blog and mine would be nothing without the side notes and stories of the ones closest to us. So moving on...) She is so funny and makes delicious food that I would eat everyday She is my hero (thanks to Jan for introducing me to her. That is what you call a good friend!)


Janalyn and Rob said...

I love most of her recipes despite the fact that she uses loads of butter in everything. Or maybe that is why I like them?? You'll have to let me know which recipes you've tried! said...

I love her cooking blog!