Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Time

Once upon a time, there was a young couple with a 5 month old baby. The young couple has been learning to do all the fun parenting things so that their baby will experience it all. They decided one frosty morning that they would go to a pumpkin patch that you had to ride a hay ride to the field to pick your pumpkin. The only thing that the young couple didn't plan on was it being so cold. So instead of going to on the quaint little hay ride, they decided that it was too frosty and the baby wouldn't care where they got the pumpkin from this year. So they left and went on a trek to find another pumpkin patch. So with the baby safe in his car seat in the warm car they set off on their journey. After a few wrong turns they discovered this beautiful little tucked away neighborhood that had big fall trees full of fall leaves and it was along a very out of place red bricked road. It was a nice break to drive along the red bricked road and enjoy the scenery, but there were no smaller pumpkin patches. After about a thirty minute detour/scenic drive, the young parents did discover the perfect place for their baby to find his first pumpkin.
And so they romped through the small fields until they discovered the perfect pumpkin for their perfect little pumpkin. When it was found, they all were happy that they had discovered what they were looking for. (The 5 month old was actually still deciding if this was the perfect pumpkin or if he should still be asleep in the warm cozy car and also wondering why his mother put him in such a ridiculous hat.)
After paying for their find, they piled back into the car and headed home to relax and enjoy the rest of the lazy weekend. Next year, the young parents thought, it will be different because we will all be dressed warmly and on a hay ride we will all enjoy to find the perfect pumpkin.The End.

3 comments: said...

It looks so pretty there! Glad you found the perfect pumpkin! Liam is a doll!

Janalyn and Rob said...

All important pumpkin stuff that your ARIZONA sweatshirt I see peeking out?! ☺

Debbie said...

So cute. And I don't think the hat is ridiculous at all!