Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's a Utah Thing

On Saturday, my fellow Utahn-native and I decided to hit the only craft/holiday gift show in the Puget Sound area. We trekked all the way to Tacoma for this event. It was crazy to see all the eager women lining up to get a glimpse of what filled the Tacoma Dome. After parking and walking over to the dome, we excitedly waited for the doors to open.
Some of you may not know that Utah is not only a Mecca for Mormons, but also for everything crafty. I don't think there is a house along the Wasatch front that doesn't have something tole-painted adorning some wall. And while tole painting isn't our thing anymore, we both enjoy cute little decorations to put on our mantles. After paying a whopping $11.50 (which in the 'Tah, I have never paid over $5 to get into a craft show.), we were let loose to look around at the hundreds and hundreds of booths. I was quite disappointed when most of the booths were full of chinsy things. I think we only found a handful of booths that really had Utah quality crafts. Puget Sound has a lot of winning aspects but the craft field ain't one of them. Oh well, I better stock up on holiday decorations when I head back to the homeland in a few weeks.

2 comments: said...

NY craft stores are pretty much UGLY! I need to stock up when I go back too!

Debbie said...

That is disappointing. And very expensive!