Monday, October 25, 2010

Everything must go!

This weekend we dove into the world of online auctions. We listed a washer and dryer set that we lugged all the way up here from the 'tah. It had been sitting in my sister's garage for the past year, and recently she wanted to actually start parking her vehicles in there (go figure.) So she asked us what we were going to do with it (a.k.a. it didn't have to go home, but it couldn't stay here.) Craigslist seemed like it was the way to go since it was local. It was super easy to list them on the website, which made me wonder all weekend what else I could sell. The group of people that responded were a little odd. Most of them were short, sweet, and to the point, but a few were actually pushy. (It was an odd thing to get an anonymous email from a pushy buyer. Don't they know I could just delete their email. I didn't, but I could have.) My personal favorite was a person that wanted us to deliver it and give them a 25% discount without even discussing it. I wanted to email them them and tell them that I didn't think they would fit on my malibu, but we might have more luck moving them with our alero. (I think my snarkiness would have been lost on them) By the end of the ordeal, I was almost wanting to use our Baby for evil, by saying that they were taking food out of our baby's mouth. I refrained and left the baby inside with my sister, while Soder helped load them into the nice guys truck. Online sales are a bunch of mind games. (I have the feeling that is how it is with all furniture sales online.) I love to find a good deal, but I don't think I have the stomach to sell many more things.

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