Friday, April 22, 2011

Break from my love....

No, I am not separating from my hubby or anything THAT dramatic. I am going to take a short break from my wonderful blog.
Just for a week or so.
I have been dealing with a lot of things including, but not limited to: my mother's illness, family relationships (family members that I have butted heads with and some some family members' relationship with my blog (meaning they haven't liked what I have written on here)), and coming to grips with some trust issues among friends. I have often wanted to write all about the problems in my life, but have withheld a lot of things because I have been afraid of hurting someone or having the wrong person reading it or not wanting to talk about it in the 'real' world with people.
I have been seriously shaken to my core after the past month and often when I sit in front of the computer I feel like I have to hit the delete button and edit what I really want to say. I know that this 'editing' is for the best, but it doesn't help me when it comes to MY problems. (And the most ironic thing of all is that I don't even know if the people who have effected my life (with the exception of my mother) will even get that I am doing this because of the negative actions they have had on me.
So for my peace of mind, I will be letting it be dormant for at least a week. (I know that doesn't seem like a lot since I haven't been posting a ton, but trust me I LOVE my blog.)
(And I am sorry that I haven't commented on other blogs as well, I have no motivation to do that either.)

3 comments: said...

You have 7 days! :) I am checking back promptly on April 30th! I love your blog!

Angelo said...

Hi Molly! I am FINALLY visiting your blog and you're taking the week off?? Just kidding!!! I LOVE your blog!!!

Angelo said...

Ok - I have to leave another comment - that "angelo" is me, Cathy! sorry it reads out as my hubby's name!