Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The last two weeks have been the busiest I have ever been. After my trip to Utah, I had two days to recoup, (ie stock my kitchen shelves again and clean the house) before my inlaws came to visit. It was a great visit and was just the break I needed. Even though we were busy while they were here it was nice to have two sets of eager hands to watch the baby for me. Like I said before, while I was in Utah it felt like I was a single parent, running the show by myself. During this weekend, I got to spend a lot of time meditating in my kitchen, where I think I do some of my best thinking while making some pretty delish dinners. On Friday, we went to the Seattle Aquarium and had a great time because the weather actually cooperated with us and made it into a sunny spring day. On Saturday, we went to Bellevue for a little shopping and Kirkland for a little down time at the Lake. Sunday was a quiet day that ended with us taking them to the airport. It was a great visit and it really was refreshing to have some visitors here to not only get my mind off of everything happening in Utah, but to really make me happy to be back home in Seattle. It is always great to revisit your city with a fresh set of eyes. It makes you appreciate being at home and feeling like things are going to be ok. And now I can just relax and exhale because the next few weeks are going to be boring compared to the last two.

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