Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ninja bread are coming to town

This year, while we were Christmas shopping, we found a perfect addition to my cookie cutter collection.
So after a long day, I had a little fun with my first attempt at gingerbread. (I also had limited colors of frosting so that spurred the story on a bit more.)First I frosted the 'gingerdogs' but they looked a little rabid after I used red frosting for the eyes. So they were classified as rabid, gingerdogs and they proceed to attack my ninjabread.

A great fight ensued....The gingerdogs started to multiply...There was a lot of carnage. (actually a lot of my ginger bread broke so I had a pile of broken cookies.)
During the battle there were other casualties as well.
Eventually the battle was won because of a few good ninjas.

And this is why I shouldn't be left alone for too long.... otherwise my imagination runs wild!

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A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Ah. Save those cookie cutters, girlfriend. It starts early with boys!