Monday, July 19, 2010

Let the record state

I am the party planner in the family. I try to make sure that when it is your special day, that everything is ready to celebrate. In the past, when I was in Utah, I would make sure you had a special cake (Like a Star Trek one for my husband or a Bejeweled one for my dad), and a special meal with the menu being completely your choice.(anything from a complete Thanksgiving meal for my nephew, to chicken enchiladas for my mother)
So my birthday is coming up... not just any birthday, but a big one. My 30th.
It is a mere two months away. (You hear that, Travis, two months.) Here is my hint about what I would really like for a present. (Travis, I am looking at you!) Or this. Or this. (ok, that last one is a joke, unless there is someone out there that would like to pay for it!)

As for a cake, any cake will do, I love all desserts equally. (Travis, so pretty much anything sweet that you put a candle in and light.) (Oh and just so you know, Travis, we already have candles... they are in the cupboard with all my spices.) :)

This may seem like a bit selfish of me to be listing off what I would like for my celebration. I am merely giving my husband clear requests of what I would be happy with. (no, mixed signals here) I am not expecting a big ta-doo, (I don't need to be carried into my party on a camel or anything exotic) but just a nice quaint chorus of 'happy birthday' and a present. So no pressure, and I am sure that anything that happens will be created out of love, just like this would be. :)


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

I always say it's best to be direct.

No one can claim you were ambiguous. No one can argue you that you require mind reading.

Happy birthday, girl.

Traci said...

I LOVE this post Molly. You always make me laugh and I hope Travis is paying attention and that you get the BEST birthday ever!!! Loves!