Monday, July 12, 2010

Father's Day Celebration, belated

This weekend our adventures took a busy turn. We started out at the XXX Burger joints Chevy only car show. (I am a Chevy girl through and through and told Travis that this cute little 1960 red corvette would be a great gift for his wife when we make our millions.) It was a beautiful day and just the right temperature to meander around the cars. My dad was in town (along with my mother, of course) and he loves car shows. He has been a mechanic for the last about 40 years or so, and he loves to look at his craft. I have been drug all over the western United States and have seen all sorts of car shows. I used to hate going to them but now I find that I actually enjoy walking around and seeing all the beautiful cars that the owners have taken such good care of.
After the car show, we took my dad to Dick's Burgers. (seriously the best burger joint around and the best value.) We then headed to the Center for Wooden Boats. It was fun, but I wouldn't classify it as an actual museum. It was kinda just about 8 boats in the water with plaques explaining what they were.
After that we took a short drive around Lake Union to my favorite, Gas Works Park. My dad loved it there because you could watch all the boats and water planes landing. I think he would have stayed there all afternoon. (I know I would have been happy to if only the wind was a little less and my baby was a little more tired.)
It was a great day to celebrate our "Father's day" with my dad. I think he had a great time and we got to see a bunch of stuff we haven't seen yet. Happy Father's day Dad! (even though there is no way he will ever even see this post... he only knows how to find Bejeweled on the internet.) :)

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