Friday, May 6, 2011

What Mother's day means to me

As anyone who has ever had any contact with me over this last year knows, I became a mother last May. I am very proud of my sweet little guy and know that he is the best part of me.
Over the last year, I have learned many parenting rules. (none of these came from those handy books devoted to parenting.)
And as my first official mother's day weekend starts, I would like to pass my wisdom on to you (especially to my friends who don't have children yet... this might be an eye opening event).

Motherhood is the ability to plan 20 different 'snacks' for a six hour period.
Motherhood is picking out outfits that will be changed or altered two to three times a days and that includes your clothes (baby = a messy sponge; they just spread dirty everywhere)

While eating out at a restaurant, your meal is entirely based off of what your child will nibble/graze off of your meal.

Once your child is able to eat solid foods, their meals have three courses: 1) crackers or cereal; 2) main course of food 3)some food that is tasty enough (a.k.a. 'dessert') to hold their attention long enough for you to shovel a few bites of food into your mouth.
A baby will only show love to you when their mouth is messy or their nose is snotty.

No matter how much money you spend on toys, babies will forever be more entertained with box that it came in or the paper it was wrapped in.

The super power for mothers is being able to determine what your child ate by the poopy diapers. (I am sorry that this is so graphic, but it is seriously so true)

While taking a shower, if your baby starts crying, you learn what parts need to be cleaned and what will wait, Example:shaving my legs is like a day spa event. (it happens only every so often because there isn't enough time.)
Now comes the part that sounds like a cheesy Hallmark card. While motherhood is the most rewarding thing in my life, it has also been the dirties, hardest, most tiring, worrisome thing I have ever done. And while I wouldn't trade anything for my little Baby, I want my lessons to be passed on to whoever is listening. Maybe it will help bring the whole parenting thing into focus for some other rookie/or soon to be rookie out there.

(*also I would like to give a special shout out to all the mothers in my life: My mother, my MIL, Yia Yia, Grams, and both my sisters. Thanks for always being such a great examples for me to learn this mothering thing from. Love ya! And Happy Mother's Day!)


Amber H. said...

I love this post! and I don't know how many times I've told you, but he is the most darling little boy EVER, well ok, Next to my boys, he is the most darling boy ever.. lol. I really want to take his picture when you are in town.. said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! Liam is one lucky little guy to have you as his mama!

Mandy said...

So true! Most things are not learned from books but by experience. I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Traci said...

Your a great Mom and can't wait to meet Liam VERY SOON!!! :)