Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary

OK, I know have been missing in action for the last week. I promise it wasn't on purpose, I have just been so busy. We had some wonderful house guests, a few birthdays, an anniversary and trying to catch up on work. So lets start at the beginning. It was Soder and my anniversary last Monday. We have been married a crazy 7 years! I can't believe it. It has gone by very quickly. (Sometimes during the 7 years it has seemed like it was so slow, but looking back it doesn't seem like it has been that long.)
This is the point where most people would get all lovey dovey, but as Soder knows, I very rarely get that way (if I was all gushy about him, he would know I would either be hormonal or lying.) Instead I will just say that it has been real! (I know too mushy, right?) And seriously thanks for letting me yell when I need to and making me laugh when I need it. You get me, Dummy!

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Janalyn and Rob said...

Hormonal or lying...that is funny (and true ☺)! Happy 7 years!