Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I did last night

Last night, my best friend from high school and my 15 year old niece braved the crowds and the late hour and went to see Eclipse. It was a great experience, although I did have a few of those "I am too old to be doing this" moments like when we pulled up to join the line of waiting Twilight fans. Almost all the people there were a good 10-15 years younger than me. Nothing makes you feel more out of place than going to a teeny-bopper show, in the middle of the night, surrounded by screaming teenage girls texting (before and after, thankfully) and waiting for their favorite eye candy to pop on the screen. It was still fun and the movie was definitely the best one of the bunch so far. Due to a mechanical problem with the movie half way through, we also got a free ticket to come to another movie. That made it all ok. I think it will be my last midnight show for a long while... it might take me that long to catch back up on sleep.


Debbie said...

I do love those "fee movie" passes! Glad you had fun.
Now, take a nap:)

Mandy said...

I'm going tonight and I can't wait to see it. We're going to the 10:00 show so I'll be home a little earlier. I don't think I could go to the midnight showing just because I think the teenagers would be so annoying. I'm glad you had fun!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

This Twilight thing is bigger than big. It even came up in Elena Kagan's confirmation hearing! (The Edward v. Jacob case)