Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day, Travis!

Today, we celebrated Travis' first Father's day. My husband is the biggest carnivore ever. He would eat only hamburger patties everyday if they were covered in bacon with cheese (of course we don't eat like that so it is a special treat when we go to a great burger joint. I look the other way when he happily orders the largest burger covered with his true love, Bacon.) We had heard many great things about Red Mill Burger on Phinney Ridge. It was a cramped little restaurant, and in my experience the smaller and more crowded the restaurant the better the food is. This was definitely worth the wait and the crowd. This burger joint was featured on the show Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel and ever since Travis has wanted to try it. It was hard to find, but we were happy we went on the adventure.After lunch, we decided to explore a little more. We headed west knowing that we would eventually hit water. Our exploration ended at Golden Garden Park. It was so beautiful, but a little cold for our little one. We went on a short walk, but didn't stay too long. Hopefully, we will be able to go back when it is a nice summer day. (we have yet to see any of those yet). It was another great day of exploring our new hometown! And a great big Happy Father's Day to all those fathers, new and old.

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Janalyn and Rob said...

Red Mill is yum! The people that worked there used to bring us lunch when I worked over near the Terminal. Wait until you see Golden Gardens in the is always so packed! We'll have to do a picnic. Happy Dad's Day Trav!