Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Naming rights goes to the highest bidder

From the beginning we have played the name game all the while looking for that original name that would fit our baby. We have a few names that we like: Kellan, Liam, James, Ash, Archer.... but none of them seem right (maybe once we see him one of them will be the right choice).

I have made the joke a few times that we are going to open up the 'naming rights' for our baby. I wouldn't mind (if the price was right) that we could name our baby some commercial name. That would be a great opportunity to have the only "Safeco" Soderquist, or "Costco" Soderquist. I think there are worse things to be named... Right?!?!


Janalyn and Rob said...

We vote FedEx Soderquist. How much is that going to cost? How about a case of diapers and a US savings bond? Totally doable, right? ☺

Janalyn and Rob said...

OK that just made me think about that kid on Cheaper by the Dozen that his siblings all call him FedEx because he's so different from them all, he can't be theirs and the FedEx guy must have dropped him off.