Sunday, April 18, 2010

A very merry un-birthday

Yesterday, we celebrated Travis' birthday. We weren't sure if we would get to 'celebrate' with a special day for Travis if the baby was late, so we planned ahead and decided to celebrate it a month early. We started off with a quick donut at Top Pots Donut, which gave us the sugar rush to start the day! There is a park on the north side of Seattle called Gas Works Park. They have some old natural gas machines in the park, but the view is what you go for. It is absolutely beautiful!While we were enjoying the view, we noticed a huge cathedral across Lake Union. After we were finished at Gas Works, aka it started to downpour, we decided to go and find that cathedral,which was an adventure in itself (turns out it is an Episcopalian Cathedral named St. Marks) because it was near Capital Hill in a residential area. While we were exploring we came across the Seattle Asian Art Museum. I was excited to see the gardens, but when Travis saw that there was a Wood Block Display he was anxious to go and see it. (we also found the sculptures in front which included a "donut" looking sculpture that we could get the Space Needle in the center, and another sculpture of a Camel, which in my current condition is my new "spirit" animal) Travis has always had a deep love for the Japanese culture, which is ironic since I am the Japanese one. He was so excited to explain how the process worked. When I left him for a few minutes, I came back and he had two cute little old ladies completely enthralled with the explanation of how wood block prints were created. I think they would have loved a handsome man to give them a personal tour of the museum, but we were headed to another room to look at other prints. After walking around and sitting on many benches throughout the museum, we decided it was lunch time. Dick's Drive-in was just the hamburger joint that we were both craving. With their freshly made hamburgers, fries that actually came from a potato and a chocolate shake that would bring tears to any sweet-tooth, this is definitely a place I would drive 30 minutes to eat at. (also the fact that they are an old-fashioned cash only operation and there were a TON of people willing to wait in the rain for it was a great indication of how delish the meal was going to be.) We ended the day with heading to Bellevue Square so that Travis could window shop for an Ipad at the Apple Store. He happily went in and played with one for about 15 minutes or so and then just as happily met me outside the store on a bench. (yes, towards the end of the day I was moving from bench to bench.) After one more quick shop, which I admit I stayed in the car and took a short nap, we were ready to head home. I hope Travis had a great Un-birthday and that his real birthday includes one more person at the party!


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Happy unbirthday to Travis! It won't be long for you girl, not long at all!

Janalyn and Rob said...

Looks like fun!

Um, is that a melon under your shirt? ☺