Thursday, March 3, 2011

You can take the girl out of the ghetto....

Ok, so I am not really from a ghetto, at least not the typical kind. I was raised in a small town in Utah that has 2 stop lights and one grocery store. It was on the wrong side of the freeway when it came to high school, so I like to think I came from a Utah- ghetto. I am actually proud that my family was resourceful (I think that is ghetto talk for economically challenged.) We weren't poor, but we weren't rolling in money. When things broke we fixed them, or let me rephrase, my dad fixed them or jerry-rigged them to work again. My dad was so good at repairing things that during my life at home (roughly 22 years) we had ONE vacuum and only two lawn mowers.(when we bought the second lawnmower we actually all stood around it and got a picture with it, like it was a new car.) That is what I have inherited. I love to jerry-rig things to work, especially if it saves me money or I can get a SCREAMING deal on it. (I hate to pay for things to be fixed, seriously it is one of my biggest pet peeves.)

When I found that I loved to take walks with the baby and the dogs, I also realized that there was a certain weather phenomenon that happens up here all the time, rain. I went online and looked for a rain cover for the stroller and to my shock, they wanted almost $50 bucks for it. I found the stroller/car seat on sale for around $100 buck so I was NOT going to spend half the original cost for a piece of plastic to keep it dry. I would sooner use a garbage sack to keep the baby dry. Since I didn't really want to look like a hillbilly with a hefty sack as a rain tarp, I decided to go look at a local gently-used kid store to see what they had. They didn't have many choices, but one of them that I figured would work was a mere $3. I figured for that price I could either make it work or it wouldn't be that big of a financial risk if it didn't.

Today, I got it out and hooked it up to the stroller. Why yes, those are pipe cleaners holding it on. And yes it did it's job and only looked a little hokey. And yes, my dad would be proud!

2 comments: said...

I remember that vacuum! I believe you were the one who taught me to wrap the vacuum cord in a figure eight?

Janalyn and Rob said...

This was funny when I saw it IRL. It's funnier now that I read about. But the funniest part is picturing you all lining up to have you photo snapped with the lawn mower. Classic.

Where are those pictures now???