Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The truth comes out....

For years, my dad was a mechanic in his own business. (he sold his building in 2003 and has been semi-retired ever since). One of his good friend/old customers came across a couple of reviews for his business.  They were on the website for the NPR show, Cartalk, under their Mechanic's File. On that page, they have recommendations for "great, honest, hard-working mechanics."  I am so proud of him and the business reputation he created for himself over the years. Way to go, Dad! (oh and by the way, I am happy about the fact that someone else witnessed the fact that my dad wasn't happy about fixing my car!) :) 

Actual Quotes from the reviews: 

Moto, the only mechanic working at Moto's Car Care, is the only man I know who will not only help you when you call him at home on the weekend, he does it with a smile and a cheerful laugh (unless of course you are his daughter, then the laugh sounds a little bit more like a grumble!) He is the only person I know who will take you under his wing and make you feel welcome in his shop (there are about 5-6 older retired gentlemen who happen to be his better friend. They hang out at coffee and they go out to lunch.) He is not someone who will rip you off, (I know this because his favorite motto is What goes around comes around!) Everyone thinks that he is the greatest there is (even the local paper, The Standard Examiner, said so if you don't believe me!)

--reviewer #26626, 2001

I hate getting my car repaired. In the past I have come away with the vague feeling that I got taken advantage of because of my ignorance. Not so with Moto. He is extremely honest, once simply tightening a loose bolt for me when that was all that was wrong. (No charge of course.) I have no hesitation in recommending his shop. My only complaint is that he does not (ironically enough) work on Japanese cars.

--reviewer #28377, 2001


Melissa Joy said...

How cool is that! It sounds like your dad is a wonderful man and had been a great influence to you!! What a cool story to share!
Ps remind me tomorrow that I am supposed to pass on an invite to you that I forgot to do today... :)

Janalyn and Rob said...

Sounds just like the Moto I know! He really is a great guy. :)

sugaryfrogs.blogspot.com said...

I remember growing up and always hearing about Moto's car care.People love him!!!

Spencer and Mandy said...

That's great! Congrats to your dad! It sounds like he's a great guy!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

That is very cool. "They" say that for every customer who comments, there are 100 more who feel the same way.