Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer stuff

This summer has just flown by. We have done all sorts of things like this:
Park time on the sunny days....

Dragon Festival in Chinatown in Seattle. (I had always wanted to see a Dragon Dance and this one was great especially with the applause-hungry dragon dance teacher kept making the kids dance because the audience loved it. Did I mention it was really hot and they looked miserable, but hey anything for applause, right?)

Went to the Bite of Seattle and got out of our comfort zone for sure this year. The best thing was fried alligator and the homemade strawberry shortcake.

We have also been learning about parenting, of course. First rule of summer, always bring every member of the family their own water bottle because some of them drink open mouthed after eating strawberry shortcake. Yummy!

The other thing is to childproof everything. Even if they don't want to be. (don't worry, he has become a pro at removing these little buggers from the sockets. He thinks it is a game. I wish I could get my money back because it hasn't really child proofed anything.)

What have you been doing with your summer?

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Having your own water bottle is a must! :)