Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As I scrolled through my recent posts I came to the realization that I am not who I used to be. While I used to scorn the blogs out there that only talked about their 'my-kid-is-cuter-than-your-kid' posts, I realize I have become one. While in my head I am so much more, in reality I am simply Baby/Bub's mom. All I do revolves around him and his antics. Most of my laughs during the day aren't from customers or something funny I read, it is from him and his little personality. And while I may never become a world famous blogger with tons of followers (which used to be a dream of mine.) I realize that this blog was never meant to be that. It was simply, humbly meant to show everyone the going on in my normal, everyday life (with maybe a little humor and wit along the way.) And so with that anticlimactic revelation, look that face... isn't it just precious?!


Mandy said...

Yeah, he is pretty cute! Welcome to motherhood! It makes your perspective on everything change and nothing matters more than your kids. I think it makes life a lot more fun!

sugaryfrogs.blogspot.com said...

Kids change everything!!! :) He is stinking cute and love the shirt!