Monday, March 8, 2010



Last weekend, aka the first weekend of Travis' freedom, we went to Pike's Market. I love Pike's Market. It is my favorite place to people watch. When I lived up here before, I used to go there by myself and just watch the people and drink my Starbucks. There are some very entertaining people that congregate there. Now our visits are more about the different food you can find there. I love to get my chai latte and some wonderful pastry from some bakery or some wonderfully fresh donuts from a vendor located around the corner from the flying fish booth. My husband has discovered a secret love of Piroshki (by secret I mean he never had one until he worked with an Eastern European at Fred Meyer who introduced him to it and now he is in love with them) I am happy that he is always happy to try new things. (so now the total toll of new things he has tried is up to two, Hummas and Piroshki... baby steps, baby steps.)
I am always amazed at how dirty it is there but how there is beauty there. I loved that all the daffodils were in bloom on the roof. They make me think of Travis' Grams who loves daffodils. I wish she could come here and see them. I can't wait until we can go and visit again, but for now it will be put far down on my list because there are so many other places to explore in the area. This is why moving to a new city is going to be so exciting.

2 comments: said...

Those flowers are so pretty. Exploring new places is so much fun!

Melissa said...

How fun! I love love love exploring new places! Those daffidols are beautiful!!! Way to go Travis for trying new things. ;)