Monday, August 3, 2009

Relaxing weekend

Things that made this weekend great:
*Farmers Market with Jim and Angie to celebrate Angie's Birthday! (Happy Birthday, Angie!)
*Watching the dogs play at the Dog park (except when Ratchet jumped on 2 people and took another dogs frisbee!)
*Lounging around and doing ABSOLUTELY nothing!
*Going to the grocery store and spending less that I was expecting to spend.
*Watching Movies (Haunting in Conneticut (stupid but creepy), Benjamin Button (which was good but OH MY HELL could it be any longer!))with Travis while the dogs nap on the floor.
*Going to a movie when we weren't planning on it. (apparently we can take showers, get completely ready and take care of the dogs in 16 minutes.)
*Seeing Harry Potter, which was way good!
*Sleeping in until 8:00 on Sunday (yes, this is sleeping in for me.)
*Watching stupid shows all afternoon (including Cake Boss, some other show about a Bridal Store, a "Best Pranks Vol. 2" (which is lucky we understood what was going on especially since we didn't see the compilation show, Best Pranks Vol. 1), and a hodgepodge of Child-actor's all grown up shows. )
*Going to get Fountain Drinks which is our new Saturday activity.
*Watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle right before bed on Sunday. (Don't judge me, that movie is the Funniest ever.)
Seriously, this weekend can be filed into the "Nothing got accomplished" file, but it was so great because of that.


Debbie said...

The Harry Potter movie is great, isn't it? I'm so glad we went.

Melissa Joy said...

Sounds like a very wonderful weekend!!! Glad you guys had a good one.

Janalyn and Rob said...

Those are the best kinds of weekends :)