Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why do I do this to myself?

I have taken on another job. I will be working part-time at the County again. I love the work and dealing with accounts and I seriously miss the buildup to the "busy" season. I love that numbers don't change, they either balance or they don't. They are either correct or they are wrong. There is no grey area. (seriously, I should be an accountant. I can't balance my own checkbook, but I bet I could balance a companies.)
So now my days are filled with school and work. And my nights and weekends will be filled with work and school. (I am also trying to do freelance work for web design or graphic design) I am coming to the grim realization that maybe I am meant to always be busy. I seem to get more done that way. All I need to keep saying is I am saving for my trip. I am saving for my trip. I am saving for my trip.

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sugaryfrogs.blogspot.com said...

You are amazing! Do you want to balance my checkbook?