Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Early Birthday wish for my Mother!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love our chats at 6:00 every night. I  am so happy to have such a great friend and mom!  I don't know who I would get in trouble with if I didn't have you!  Who would I go and spend hours shopping with?  Who would I laugh with about stupid 
 (Like "Why the long face?") I love the fact that Dads nickname for us are "Stupid Woman" 
and "Stupid Girl".  I chuckle to myself whenever I think about all the road trips we went 
on in the motor home and all the candy we ate and songs we sang. (It still makes me crack up when ever I think about when you caused dad to fall out of bed when you almost hit that 
mile marker in Montana.) I will alway replace your teasing comb when Amy takes it away.  Every time I see the Nutcracker Ballet, I think that the Sugar Plum Fairy has nothing on you and your mad dance skills.   Also you seriously are a reincarnated Norma Desmond. (or some other Hollywood Starlet from the 50's)   You are my Lucy and I am your Ethel. I love our Sunday grocery store trips, even though they haven't happened for a while because of your gimpy foot! I hope you know how important you are to me and the entire family.  We all love you (even with all your craziness!)