Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sporting events abound

During the last month, I have been to two professional sporting events. I organized an "unofficial fall office party' for my work at the Mariners Games and I also attended another Sounders game. Both events were really fun because we sat where the 'real' fans sit, in the nosebleeds for the baseball games and by the south end of the stadium for the sounders game. 
My boys watching the Mariners

That is Bub's way of saying 'quit taking pictures of me, dad'
 I posted some of these pictures to my facebook, and I apologize if you saw them there, but I am still impressed with what the stadium does for the Sounders. It is the most impressive dedication by the fans I have ever seen at a sporting event. CRAZY!
Holding up their scarves as they wait for the team to enter the stadium

Thanks for inviting me!
The were both really fun and it just makes me wish I could afford to go to these events all the time. One day, One day.......

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