Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Search is over!

After much searching, surfing, and visiting, the search is over. We have found our new apartment. It has been a difficult search to find something cheaper, nicer and just as convenient. Did I mention that we have 2 medium size dogs? Oh and we wanted a ground floor so it woudn't be such an ordeal to take them out when the baby is born? Oh and it had to be cheaper... significantly cheaper because I was not about to move while being almost 7 months pregnant for like a $50 dollar difference. Amazingly, we found it. I was about to give up hope, but right as I was getting to that point, it appeared like some magical angel had placed the add just for us on craigslist. The clouds parted, the birds sang, my husband was off of work so he could schedule an appointment for us to visit. And just like that with one short visit and small deposit later we have our new home. I am so glad that didn't unpack all the boxes from when we moved here. (it was very nice to have house guests at Christmas, with half the room filled with beautiful brown boxes). And now for the really fun part.... the rest of the packing! Now I know you are all jealous!


Mandy said...

I'm glad you found something. Good luck with the move. I know it's not very fun moving while you're pregnant but it'll be worth it once you're in your new apartment.

Melissa Joy said...

YAY!!! Congratulations! You are sooo cute! I love how you wrote this! miss you around these parts!